Happy Father's Day from the Beastie Boys! The trio is looking out for all of the dads out there in a funny new promo video for their album 'Hot Sauce Committee Part Two.' The guys don't actually appear in the video, but their newest single 'Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win' is the featured backtrack.

The video showcases a somewhat disgusting and seemingly dysfunctional family as they partake in one of the weirdest Father's Day barbecues we have ever seen. As the father spaces out, dreaming that he received the 'Hot Sauce Committee Part Two' vinyl as a gift, his wife guzzles down some booze while his daughters manhandle their macaroni salad.

The ending scene is probably the most comically, gross-out visual of the promo video. The father ends up grilling some Beastie vinyls, and serving up the black muck to his family on hot dog rolls. The moral of the story? Pick up a Beastie Boys vinyl for your dad immediately or you may have to eat one. Although, from the looks on the family's faces in the video, they taste pretty damn good.

To pick up a vinyl copy of 'Hot Sauce Committee Part Two,' visit the Beastie Boys' official website, where you can also purchase a plethora of other Beastie goodies.

Watch the Beastie Boys' 'Hot Sauce Comittee Part Two' Father's Day Promo Video