Is it too late to offer up another contender for 2015's Song of Summer? Because Becky G just threw her brand new single "Break A Sweat" into the ring, and we might just have to crown her the official winner.

The "Shower" singer -- who, by the way, is "fine" following her recent breakup from Austin Mahone, thanks -- tweeted out a link to the track earlier today (August 20), singlehandedly ushering us into a pop world where Becky deserves to be our Queen.

With an insistent percussive beat pounding beneath an infectious vocal melody, "Break A Sweat" is an uptempo pop gem. Demonstrating a tone that sounds remarkably similar to that of Demi Lovato's, a newly confident Becky demands, "All right, all rightIf you wanna get my body / Better blow my mind / Okay, Okay / Boy you better put in work / If you wanna play."

Too much repetition in a chorus can sometimes serve as an unintentional kiss of death for a pop song -- it might guarantee immediate ear-worm status for your casual Top 40 listener, but it also lends itself to losing steam soon after its initial 20 or so rotations. Thankfully, the chorus for "Break A Sweat" strikes just the right balance: By the time you think you're headed for sugary sweet, over-saturation, the track launches right back into the verse.

If "Break A Sweat" somehow isn't enough to make you love Becky G, consider the way she responded to actual Republican caricature Donald Trump and his racist, anti-immigration remarks: She wrote and recorded a song expressing solidarity with the Latino community called "We Are Mexico," and it deserves a significant spotlight.

Listen to Becky G's "Break A Sweat" above and prepare yourself for her upcoming album, tentatively due out later this year.