Becky G unveiled the lyric video for her latest single 'Can't Stop Dancin,'' and not only do we totally love it, but there's a surprising celeb cameo that we were not expecting (more on that later, we promise). Shot in both color and black-and-white, the video juxtaposes the preparation that goes into a specific performance with the actual performance itself. The video follows Becky G through the day, focuses at times on her dancers, and finally goes all the way to when she finally sets foot onstage in front of a huge crowd.

Our favorite part of the video? That would have to be the surprise Katy Perry cameo! Although it's a pretty short part of the video, we noticed it instantly. Considering Becky opened for Katy on select dates during her Prismatic World Tour, it makes total sense and was definitely a happy surprise!

We really love that lyric videos are a thing now, because it usually means we get two awesome and creative videos from an artist for the same song. Not to mention the lyric video means we can finally get the lyrics 100 percent right straight from the artist herself! So until the official video for 'Can't Stop Dancin'' comes out, we at least have this one to tide us over.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think.

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