Los Angeles rapper Becky G pays tribute to one of her personal "idols," former reality TV judge Jennifer Lopez, with her latest video for 'Becky From the Block.' Not only does she rap over J. Lo's original 'Jenny From the Block' beat, she also borrowed the chorus (changing the lines up a bit to fit her "rags to riches" motif) from the 2002 mega hit.

Yesterday (April 8), Becky dropped the video for the song, and while La Lopez gets mighty sexy in her clip as she avoids the paparazzi flashes, the teenage rhyme-slinger takes a different route, giving somewhat of a walking tour around her native L.A. neighborhood. Both clips are cool in their own, very different ways, and this got us thinking: Exactly which video do you like best?

In her music video, Becky G, aka Becky Gomez, looks super fly in her streetwear and gold jewelry as she struts her stuff around her Inglewood, Calif., where she was born and raised. As she sings, "I won't stop till I get to the top / I'm still, I'm still Becky from the block / Used to have a little now I want a lot / No matter where I go I know where I came from," 16-year-old Gomez finds herself chilling in her local bodega, riding go-carts, hanging out with her huge family in the "barrio," and rapping with a mariachi band at a neighborhood fiesta. It really gives a taste of the up-and-comer's roots, and the colorful scenery, costumes and characters just add to lighthearted feel. Oh, and did we forget to mention that J. Lo actually makes a cameo in the clip?! Too. Cool.

Meanwhile, the woman who actually inspired 'Becky From the Block,' Jennifer Lopez, took a very different approach in the throwback clip for 'Jenny From the Block.' As she was dating A-list actor Ben Affleck at the time (remember Bennifer? And 'Gigli'?), the Bronx-born beauty focused a lot on the invasive nature of the paparazzi, as they snap pics of the high-profile couple at some very private moments. Then there's the performance part, which was actually filmed in the streets of N.Y.C., where Lopez gets to show off her spunky street persona and dance a bit.

Both clips give a feel for just how far these gals have come and how much pride they have for their hometowns, but which clip do you like best? Vote for either Becky G's 'Becky From the Block' or Jennifer Lopez's 'Jenny From the Block' below!

Watch the Becky G 'Becky From the Block' Video

Watch the Jennifer Lopez 'Jenny From the Block' Video