Britney Spears rocked a few different roles in her Fantasy Twist commercial, and now her director is giving a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the concept and filming of the ad, all the while singing Spears' praises.

"The video is basically to show Britney with lots of different personalities," Spears' director said. "Her fans, everyone sees her differently -- some people see her cute, some see her sexy, like a goddess," she added. "So we're kind of trying to make a story out of that, and the idea is Britney is walking down the corridor. She's in a normal outfit, but everybody who is in a room -- all the different persons [sic] rush to the peep hole and they all see her in a different way."

Though everyone sees Spears differently in the commercial, they all agree that she's hot -- and the video crew concur that the 'X Factor' judge is also a total professional.

"We needed that long corridor to get her into action," the director continued. "For a perfume called 'Fantasy Twist,' the concept is perception," she explained. "Everyone perceives Britney in a different way, and it was our idea to show Britney in the eyes of the fans. She really slips into the different roles, like with Cleopatra, she was giving us the eyes, and the more sexy Barbarella type that she was strutting down the corridor, and now we have the flapper girl with lots of fringing going on, so I'm really looking forward to filming that part."

Spears certainly got 'In the Zone' for the TV spot, completely owning each extremely different look and vibe she portrayed. It's no wonder her perfumes have netted over $1.5 billion -- the woman knows how to sell them!

Watch Behind-the-Scenes of the Fantasy Twist Commercial