Country-pop crossover Cam recently released her debut album Untamed on December 11, which has already spawned two hit singles: "My Mistake" and "Burning House." And for a debut act, she's already making a huge splash: "Burning House" has already scored Cam a Grammy nomination for Best Country Solo Performance, and has become the highest-selling single of any female country artist this year, according to EW.

In light of Cam's stunning debut, PopCrush is proud to premiere the behind-the-scenes video footage from her Untamed album photoshoot, which you can now watch in full.

Cam's team for the album artwork, she says, mirrors the team she worked with on the actual music "in that it's people that I have a relationship with, people that know me, and people that are very independently spirited." That independence of spirit is precisely what the album is about: thinking outside the box, freedom, and originality.

"I'm just so grateful," Cam says of the people she gets to work with on the photoshoot, because "everybody has a really good heart, and everyone's here working really hard 'cause they believe in this music, and just the vision of all this." The coolest part of it all, though? Seeing everyone's paths intertwine for this one day.

In the second half of the video, Cam opens up about the high levels of doubt that come with being an artist. She says that despite whatever fame or success she achieves, she'll always be a "totally, completely normal person." All the attention she has received thus far — from having people do her makeup to being filmed for this video — still takes some getting used to, but for Cam, "it's so nice to have someone focus on you for a second, and the human interaction part of it is great."

And that, according to Cam, is what music is for: to connect human beings and be on the same page — even if it's just for three minutes.

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