As if 'Live While We're Young' wasn't your favorite music video ever as it is, One Direction are taking Directioners behind-the-scenes of the clip -- and it looks like even more fun that we imagined!

The band rode around in a rover briefly in the video, which the director revealed was actually pretty dangerous -- but they did a pretty great job at it! That is, until Louis Tomlinson messed up the fender. "I accidentally broke the big rover fender thing," he says sheepishly. We forgive you, Louis!

Zayn Malik had fun in his little boat in the lake, saying cheekily, "I'm in my speedboat with the high-speed engine, but I think I'll be able to control it." Liam Payne said jumping off of his raft into the lake was "terribly amazing." Niall Horan revealed that he actually lost a pair of shoes in the swimming pool scene -- the only pair he had on set! At the end of day one, the band actually had more than enough footage for the video because they wanted to keep filming, since all that fun in the clip is pretty genuine.

The director revealed that the group are pretty "unpredictable" in terms of taking direction, but in a fun way, while Harry Styles admits he's not that great at football (as in soccer!). Payne got in some DJ action before the filming wrapped, at which point he said it was probably the best video they've ever done. We agree!