Bella Thorne may sport a sexy bikini in the first act of MTV's upcoming Scream (you know...right before she's brutally murdered and tossed into her parents' pool), but on last night's Late Night, she told host Seth Meyers that that's all the skin she plans to show, and there's one recurring Coachella trend that's got her perturbed.

"I've seen a lot of girls wear nipple pasties," Thorne tells Meyers, who's curious about the festival's evolution of style, in the clip above. "Personally, not a know what really scares me?" she poses before miming one of the objects in question falling off. Could be a faux pas, but the late-night comedian thinks otherwise.

"I feel like someone who's wearing a nipple pasties is fine with that," Meyers says.

And though forays into daring fashion may not be Thorne's thing, she's got the art of the selfie down. When Meyers asks if she'd be willing to help him snap the perfect shot, she's more than willing to oblige.

"It just depends on the face shape and the lighting," she offers before he hands her a verifiable Polaroid camera. The thing misfires at first, but after a few retries, a winning pic is as good as captured.

"That's actually a really cool indie photo," Thorne says of the result. Seth Meyers: the world's unsung hipster-hero...

Feel similarly about selfies and the state of Coachella apparel? Watch the clip, and be sure to tune in to the premiere of Scream on June 30 at 10 PM EST on MTV!

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