Newcomer Ben Stevenson has released a chilled-out breakup song produced by Boi-1da. On 'Falling Off,' the Canadian performer's vocals have a heavy echo effect as he sings, leading to a haunting vibe as he reflects on the doomed relationship.

Stevenson's voice sets the tone for the track, which features minimal instrumentation with truncated guitar strums, occasional percussion and some electronic sounds. The primary focus on the singer's voice and his words is a refreshing change of pace in a pop music world dominated by catchy synth hooks.

Stevenson makes clear who's to blame for the end of the relationship, singing, "You can be the coldest, the way you walk all over me." He saves his most emotional plea for the end of the song, adding, "Now I'm lost underneath these stars, knowing / That I can't make it right, so I stop throwing / All my light right out the window / Shut it tight, while the coldest wind blows on."

'Falling Off' and Stevenson's upcoming album are executive produced by Boi-1da, who has won Grammys for his work with Drake and Eminem. Boi-1da says of his new protege, "To put it simply, Ben is the epitome of a star. Artists like him don't come around often. He's amazing."

Listen to Ben Stevenson's 'Falling Off'