It's hard to believe that about a year ago, no one stateside had ever heard of One Direction -- because now you can't stop hearing about them. Their second full length release within 2012, 'Take Me Home,' is so sweet you might get a toothache. (Thankfully, the band's extensive branding actually extends to a 1D dentifrice, so it won't last long.)

The band pumps out records almost as fast as they break them -- they nabbed the fastest selling digital preorder of all time and sold out Madison Square Garden faster than any other artist in history. But their quantity and quick turnaround doesn't hinder the quality of their product.

One of the best aspects of 1D's sophomore effort is that even when the group clearly panders to their young fanbase, they're also clearly in on the joke (and well aware that they're laughing all the way to the bank). With diminishing attention spans and subsequent high turnover rates for "Next Big Things," you have to admire the calculation and business savviness the boy band brings to the table alongside their indelible hooks.

'Take Me Home' is essentially an album full of singles. Sure, it's all fluffy and sweet like cotton candy, but it's delicious and devoid of any filler. From the infectious lead single 'Live While We're Young' to the sentimental, if somewhat backhanded complimentary Ed Sheeran-penned 'Little Things,' you simply won't find a bad song in this collection. And if you do stumble upon one you're not too fond of, guess what? It's still going to get stuck in your head.