Justin Bieber has been making the rounds promoting his 2012 single 'Boyfriend' and his forthcoming 'Believe' LP, slated for release in June. The Biebs has performed his swaggerific lead single three times thus far and has left millions of girls screaming and crying (in a good way) in the process. Beliebers, we want to know: Which of Justin Bieber's 'Boyfriend' performances gets your vote for the best yet?

With a new haircut and a new sound, Bieber performed 'Boyfriend' for the first time ever on 'The Voice' back in the beginning of May. It was our first taste of Biebs' more mature music, and despite a couple of pitch problems here and there, he didn't disappoint viewers with his energetic performance and awesome dance moves.

Later on in May 2012, Bieber took 'Boyfriend' to the stage of the Billboard Music Awards. Along with a troupe of backup dancers, Bieber got the crowd amped with his seductive track. He even incorporated some stunning visual effects with his glow-in-the-dark outfit. This was also the first time Bieber included the impressive bass-heavy dance breakdown.

Finally, on the night of June 7, Bieber got down with cat-walkers of 'Germany's Next Top Model' with a performance 'Boyfriend.' With an arena-sized audience to perform to, Bieber pulled out all of the stops, hitting his dance moves perfectly and throwing in a stunning light spectacle to add to the exciting ambiance.

Click through the links to watch Justin Bieber's trio of 'Boyfriend' performances and vote for your favorite below!

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