The Kids' Choice Awards turns 28 this year! In honor of the slime-filled show, which airs  Saturday, March 28 at 8PM/7c, we're taking a look back at some of the most epic moments in KCAs history.

From amazing hosts to epic performances, trivia tidbits and lots of slime, these memories are permanently ingrained in Kids' Choice Awards history. Get stoked for the 2015 show by checking them out!

1988: First-ever Kids' Choice Awards opener

The opening of the First Annual Kids Choice Awards set the standard for shows to come. In other words, it was funny, star-filled and, most importantly, written with its young viewership in mind. Watch the opener (and the rest of the show!) in the video above.

1989: New Kids on the Block perform "Hangin' Tough."

In what would become tradition for the KCAs, one of the biggest bands in the country performed during the show. Our inner fangirl is swooning just watching the performance.

1990: Candace Cameron's Kids' Choice Awards teaser

Okay, this it isn't technically a part of the show, but we're kind of obsessed with this KCAs promo featuring co-host Candace Cameron. Not only does it capture the Full House actress in her heyday, but it touches on so many other pop culture trends from the era. (Debbie Gibson!)

1996: Whitney Houston performs "I'm Every Woman."

Whitney Houston remains a legend today, so we can only imagine how overwhelmingly awesome it would have been to be in the audience for this performance.

1998: Hanson perform "Weird" + win two Kids' Choice Awards blimps.

1998 gave us one of the best KCAs ever. All That-era Amanda Bynes! Spice Girls! Hanson's iconic hair!

1999: TLC's TLC-themed outfits.

You can't discuss the Kids' Choice Awards without paying homage to TLC's incredible thematic outfits. Cargo pants, mesh shirts, midriffs; it was everything we ever wanted in the late-'90s.

2001: 'N SYNC gets slimed.

No one is safe from the Kids' Choice Awards slime — not even 'N SYNC. Things got messy (in the best kind of way) when all five members were doused with the mysterious green concoction in 2001.

2004: Mary-Kate and Ashley get slimed.

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

Did we mention that no one is safe?

2008: Miley Cyrus performs "G.N.O."

Five years before Miley Cyrus' controversial MTV Video Music Awards performance, she was just a Disney channel star rocking out at the KCAs.

2009: Jonas Brothers make us swoon with "S.O.S." and "Burnin' Up."

Things are really coming full-circle for this year's host, Nick Jonas.

2010: Justin Bieber (and his swoop haircut) perform "Baby."

This performance really does speak for itself. Beliebers everywhere melted as Justin Bieber showed off his vocals and his shiny, shiny hair. Ah, simpler times.

2012: Michelle Obama honors Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift earned a special Silver Blimp honor from the First Lady herself! The Big Help award recognized the singer's continued efforts to give back to others.

2013: Ariana Grande dresses thematically and it's awesome.

Frazer Harrison, Getty Images

Few people can pull off a bright-orange dress and a Nicktoons-covered purse, but Ariana Grande totally made it work! She worked the show in a neon sheath dress and covered her white Chanel bag with old-school Nickelodeon stickers. Best dressed? We think yes.

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