We've asked you to vote on the star with the best blue hair, the best blond hair and the best red hair already, so did you really have any doubt that we'd be asking for your input on the star with the best pink hair? Hot pink is not an easy color to wear period, let alone to have your whole entire head of hair dyed that shade! Somehow, however, these four ladies pull it off -- but who looks the best with bright pink locks?

First up is Nicki Minaj, who loves the color pink so much, she named her first two albums after it! While on tour with her mentor Lil Wayne in 2011, Minaj stepped onto the stage wearing one of her sky-high, Marge Simpson wigs, this time opting for a hot pink color with some small purple accents. Next to Nicki is No Doubt frontwoman and one of the coolest chicks in pop music, Gwen Stefani. Around the time No Doubt released their 'Return of Saturn' LP, Stefani ditched her siganture bleach blond locks for a hot pink hairdo and totally rocked it.

Following Stefani is singing sensation Pink -- honestly, what would this poll be without the woman who is named after the theme color? Pink might not have pink hair anymore, but when she rose to fame, her hair color was the brightest shade of hot pink that we've ever seen! Like we said, it takes a bold person to pull off this color, and Pink does it well. Finally, there's Katy Perry, who seems to dye her hair as often as she changes her clothes. She busted out the hot pink dye in early 2012, and we've gotta say it -- she seems to be able to pull of any hair color in the rainbow!

So, who has got the best pink hair? Vote for either Nicki, Gwen, Pink or Katy below!

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