Rihanna is getting ready for her silver screen debut as Petty Officer Cora 'Weps' Raikes in the action-packed sci-fi flick 'Battleship,' set to hit theaters on May 18. The 'Where Have You Been' songstress has been trekking all over the globe to support the movie (which co-stars Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch, Alexander Skarsgard and Brooklyn Decker), and has already attended four different premieres for the flick. So, PopCrush readers and Rihanna Navy members, which of RiRi's red carpet looks is the best?

First up is Rihanna's blue, kimono-inspired pantsuit that she appropriately rocked at the Tokyo premiere of 'Battleship.' The beautiful Bajan paired the silky blue and gold look with very understated high heels, a good move on her part since her outfit is so bright and eye-catching. The second picture shows Rihanna at the Los Angeles premiere of the aliens-at-sea action movie. She wore a flowy, backless white gown with a draped plunging neckline and ultra-high side slits.

In the third picture from our above photo, Rihanna is seen posing prior to the 'Battleship' premiere in London. At this red carpet event, Rihanna kept up with the military roots of the movie by sporting an olive dress with gathered fabric accents, showing off her knockout figure. Finally, Rihanna kept things classic and simple when she stepped off a boat at the Sydney premiere of the flick, looking chic in an all-black pantsuit ensemble with bright red lipstick to add a pop color.

So, RiRi fans and readers, which of Rihanna's red carpet 'Battleship' looks gets your vote for the best? Vote below, and let us know if you're gonna be buying a ticket to see Rihanna in her role as bada-- naval officer Raikes in 'Battleship.'

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