Beth Ditto is gearing up to release her own plus-size fashion line in 2016, and as a lead-up to its February release date she teamed up with designer Jean Paul Gaultier to create a limited edition t-shirt.

The oversized shirt features Gaultier’s iconic cone bra corset -- made famous by Madonna -- and is currently available for purchase on Ditto’s website for a mere $165.

Referring to the collaboration, Ditto wrote, “Jean Paul is the most generous, positive person, he truly loves women of all sizes and ages and knows how to make everyone feel gorgeous.”

Gaultier also released a statement about working with Ditto, saying, “Big girls are beautiful and Beth is super beautiful! Long live the beauty with shapes, boobs and bottoms. This is a new concept, a loose fit corset. And Beth fits it perfectly.”

Ditto and Gaultier have collaborated in the past: Ditto opened and closed the fashion designer’s runway show during Paris Fashion Week back in October 2010. And according to Vogue, Gaultier designed Ditto’s wedding dress, which she wore to tie the knot with longtime girlfriend Kristin Ogata in October 2013.

The t-shirt is just one part of Ditto’s plus-size clothing line, which she says is "inspired by her love of vintage, expect silks, custom prints, embroidery and [her] first-hand understanding of fit." She said (via Dazed), "This line is by us, for us, period. It’s my lifelong dream to get to design real clothes for big people, clothes that are comfortable and cool!"

Head over to Ditto’s website to check out the limited edition tee for yourself and sign up for updates on her upcoming fashion line.