Bethany Mota powered through her sickness in order to make a video for her fans that just so happens to be very appropriately New Years Eve-themed. Talk about perfect timing.

She starts the video off by letting viewers know that she is, indeed, sick, but that she much prefers her sick and scratchy voice to her normal voice. That’s a sentiment we think quite a few people can relate to, so she’s definitely not in it alone.

With Meghan Trainor’s ‘Lips Are Movin’ playing in the background, Bethany shows you how to put together some super cute DIY party favors, like hats, confetti poppers and more!

If you also wanted some outfit inspiration, keep watching, because Bethany shows off her favorite looks for the night. From a cool and casual jeans and leather jacket combo to a jumpsuit with heels, she covers all bases.

What do you guys think? Do you love Bethany’s video? Any plans for New Year’s Eve? Let us know!