Betty White might be pushing 90, but the comedian is proving that she's got more swag than most 20 year olds in the new music video for 'I'm Still Hot.' The track is actually a Luciana song, but the British songstress recruited White for a revamped version of her original video.

The video opens with Betty White just chillin' at the zoo, however, her perfectly peaceful afternoon with the animals is ruined by Luciana, who rolls up in a stretch limo bumping her latest single. White then challenges Luciana, saying, "You think you're so hot? Check out Betty's beat!"

The video then transitions to White sitting atop a throne surrounded by buff, half naked men. Luciana and White challenge each other's visions of hotness, with Luciana boasting about cash and cars and White saying that she's got the best cheesecake recipe this side of the Mississippi. White also rocks a boa constrictor and engages in a shimmy-off with the English dance-pop artist.

Funnily, the Betty White version of 'I'm Still Hot' is sponsored by The Lifeline Program, a life insurance company. Proceeds from the video also benefit the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association.

One thing is for sure: Betty White might be old, but she's got more sass than Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry combined.

Watch the Luciana and Betty White 'I'm Still Hot' Video