Betty Who's upcoming music video for her current single 'All of You' is set to be released on Monday, Jan. 12. And while we definitely wish we didn't have to wait to see it -- just give us the video already! -- we are excited to share a bit of a teaser with you guys. You can thank us later.

Considering the song -- a total '80s-inspired pop track perfect for a road trip or dancing around your room with wild abandon -- we can definitely picture an insanely fun music video that features Betty driving around a rocky hillside. Not only is it a perfect single choice (like everything else on her album, really. We're still waiting for a high school throwback-themed video for 'Glory Days,' but we digress), but it should really lend itself to a fantastic video.

Check out the photo preview above and let us know what you think! Any guesses as to what's gonna go down on Monday?

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