Beverly McClellan of Christina Aguilera's team fought off a nasty cold to rock out Melissa Etheridge's tune 'I'm the Only One' during the first live show of 'The Voice.'

The song was tailor-made for the female rocker. With her shaved head, she even looks a bit like Etheridge did when she had her hair buzzed during her brave battle with breast cancer.

During the rehearsals, McClellan was battling a cold. Aguilera made sure that McClellan didn't push herself too far in order to recover in time for the live performance.

"I've waited so long for this moment in my life," remarked McClellan. "So, I can't really let a cold get in my way -- although it might."

However, when she took the stage, McClellan looked healthy and confident. She powered through the tune dressed in a military-style blazer and kilt, hitting all the big notes of the song along the way.

The coaches were all very positive in their remarks, with Cee Lo Green calling her "one of my favorites" and Adam Levine saying, "Wow, the one that got away!" Aguilera told her team member that "every time you hit the stage, you make the boys so jealous," referring to her fellow coaches.

Watch Beverly McClellan Perform 'I'm the Only One' on 'The Voice'