Beyonce has released the second installment of behind-the-scenes footage from her recent four-night stand at the Roseland in New York City. It was four hot August nights and we see Bey as she travels in a car in NYC and preps for the shows. There are shots of the set list scribbled on a legal pad and sheet music. We see her in rehearsal mode, with her hair slicked back in a ponytail and minimal makeup.

Beyonce labeled the series of shows, where she performed '4' from back to front, as 'smart and emotional. You see me as a human being, more than just the music. It tells the story of how I got to this point. That's why I feel it's important."

In this second clip, we see Bey's dancers and her crew, most of which are female, since girls run the world! We also meet fans, as the camera follows a line wrapped around the building, in the rain, no less.

A fan says, "24-plus when it comes to this concert. I don't care. Anything for Bey." We can assume she was waiting in line for an entire day with those statements! That's dedication and that's what Bey inspires.
There's also shots of fans sitting on the ground extolling the singer's virtues, of which there are many. The second installment ends with a note that there is more footage to come!

The first installment of the behind-the-scenes footage from the '4 Intimate Nights at Roseland' doesn't even feature Beyonce … At all. We meet Bibi, the lead guitarist, who says that Beyonce is "listening to her inner voice, taking risks and being more authentic. She is doing what she wants to do, as opposed to what people expect." The lighting director of the shows also provides some perspective, too. One of her crew people says that the show is for Beyonce and for her fans and that they like to organize everything before the diva arrives, so that things flow in the smoothest possible way.

The only shot we see of Beyonce is at the tail end, as she arrives at the Roseland's back door entrance and is mobbed by paparazzi. We only see her back. They are building us up for more Beyonce in each of these clips, of which more are expected.

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