There’s nothing quite like watching a video of insanely impressive dancing. Usually, a video of Beyonce dancing is enough for us because have you even seen her? She is the actual personification of the word "flawless." So when a dance crew manages to take one of her songs and deliver a video that has us rewinding, re-watching and (heaven forbid) trying to recreate, we have to give them some serious props.

That’s exactly what happened with ReQuest Dance Crew’s video that shows them dancing to Beyonce’s ‘7/11.’ Based in Auckland, New Zealand, the group manages to bring not only serious skill, but they have Beyonce’s spirit and attitude down -- which is certainly not an easy feat -- resulting a totally fun, playful and lively rendition.

Our favorite part? The fact that this video isn’t even a finished product. It’s from a practice session they had at their studio. If that's what they look like when they're just practicing, we're dying to see a totally finished version.

Do you guys think they're giving Beyonce a run for her money or what!? Check out the video and let us know what you think!

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