Head-turner and diva-in-heels Beyonce has released 'A Spring Afternoon in Paris,' a behind-the-scenes video of the album photo shoot for '4' that took place in the City of Lights.

Parisian photographer Greg Gex shot the cover for '4' on a warm day, and Bey glistens and glows. In fact, she looks lit from within -- especially when she pulls a Willow Smith and whips her hair back and forth.

The Queen B no doubt raised the mercury levels with how scorching she looks in the variety of costumes and poses she rocks in this footage. Few women are born with the gene that allows them to look gorgeous in front of any camera, and Bey is one of them.

While the dreamy, lovesick ballad '1+1' plays in the background -- you know, the song where Beyonce demands, "Make love to me," as if anyone would deny her -- Beyonce is shown in various states, rocking neck-breaking heels with the Eiffel Tower admiring her in the distance.

We see her seated in a wicker chair sporting smoky eye shadow and leaning back on the railing. She also rocks a user-friendly ruby red bathing suit with matching head gear. Both the suit and the headpiece blink, of course.

According to Idolator, the video is shot on Super 8 film, lacing the footage with a vintage, '70s look and proving that Beyonce is a timeless diva who can look good no matter what the circumstances, location, wardrobe or film stock.

Watch 'A Spring Afternoon in Paris' With Beyonce