Beyonce is currently filming her latest video for the track, 'Girl,' and not only is the 'Diva' reportedly bringing in 200 African dancers for the video, but is also preparing an army of girls for battle.

Paparazzi were able to capture some video footage of Beyonce whilst filming her new video as they drove by the set. In the video, Beyonce and her troop of females can be seen surrounding and standing atop a destroyed automobile. Beyonce and the girls are dressed as sexy soldiers, wearing skimpy lingerie with flowing pieces of colorful material as trains. However, Beyonce is the queen bee of the army, donning an ornate crown and gold jewelry.

The release of 'Girl' will mark Beyonce's first video and single since she let loose 'Why Don't You Love Me' in last spring.

Watch Behind the Scenes of the Beyonce, 'Girl' Video Shoot

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