Beyonce Baby Fever has co-opted the blogosphere. Tweets-per-second records were broken once the singer revealed her bulging baby bump to the world at the VMAs. It sparked blogger bedlam, which inspired to create an animated video pontificating on and poking fun at the web's focused interest on the baby-to-be.

The minute-long animated clip plays out like an Access Hollywood or E! Online news package. It features "Nanny Minaj," sporting a long pink wig and changing the baby's diapers while he farts dollar signs and "cha-ching" cash register sounds.

The scene of the Virgin Beyonce giving birth in a manager – as hubby and baby daddy Jay-Z (aka The Hova) "hovers" over her all the while wearing a Yankees cap -- is hilarious. The baby is born with a halo above its head, of course. The Three Wisemen are paparazzi from TMZ, The Source, and MTV while Beyonce is celebrated for having the Best Pregnancy Ever.

She and Jay consider names -- will it be "Lil HOV" or "Destiny's Child?" -- and wonder if he will rap like Jay or dance like Bey. It's a hilarious video in large part because it's points out how the blog world has been utterly  (and perhaps a bit overly) captivated by Bey's bun in the oven.

Watch the Beyonce Baby Blogger Frenzy Video