The beautiful Beyonce is one show into her four-show performance at Revel in Atlantic City, N.J., just a mere four months after giving birth to Blue Ivy. And as a way to celebrate we’ve been blessed with the second of two videos detailing Beyonce’s wild ride to creating a unique show at Atlantic City’s Revel Casino and Hotel. The new clip focuses on the choreography of the shows as well as the huge stage set up.

During the video we watch Bey taking the reins as she prepares for the four-night show, discussing set design, lighting design, instruments and of course, dancing. It seems that the lovely former Destiny’s Child hottie has her hand in everything, which is probably a good thing considering it’s obvious she’s sure of what she wants out of the performance.

“We really, really don’t have days to waste,” she says just nine days before the opening show. In that time sets are built, lights are put in place and an entire feeling is built all around the long legged beauty.

“You got a hundred foot screen, two hundred foot walls, you got a video floor, you got video risers for the band. That’s big,” says set builder Russell Wingfield. He goes on to say, “People that do this kind of stuff are U2, Rolling Stones and Beyonce.”

“I’m scared. This is crazy,” Bey says, making us all feel better in realizing that, yes, she is human.

“We usually have two months to do what we’re doing in two weeks,” she adds. “Getting this show together, learning choreography, and directing something so huge. For me, to do all of this four months after giving birth, I feel like I went from zero to ten. It was really hard but I did it, so I’m hoping that somebody out there can be inspired by that.”

Watch Making of Beyonce At Revel Show, Part 2