Beyonce is, among many other things, a L'Oreal spokesmodel. She hawks the cosmetic brand's range of products and uses them to enhance her natural, God-gifted beauty. She took fans behind-the-scenes of a recent L'Oreal commercial for their True Match Foundation and it illustrates everything that goes into filming a 30 second spot!

Bey commented on the commercial, saying, "It was honest, pure and deep. It was acting and it was a different approach for a L'Oreal commercial. It was just me and all about the simplicity of being a woman. The intimacy on set in the beginning was difficult and I had to block everyone out and pretend I was in my bedroom, talking to my camera."

In the commercial, Bey delivers a simple monologue, saying, "Sometimes you wonder if it's ever gonna happen, if you're ever gonna find the one, and then you do. I found my one True Match. There's only one True Match for me. And I'm worth it." Remember, she is speaking of makeup, not of love. But for some women, makeup is love!

The clip also shows Bey at the catering table, struggling not to feast on the spread in front of her! She laments having noshed on celery, watercress and spinach leaves for three days and now has to pass this display! "Cheese? It's just dangerous. I did opt for a piece of celery," she says, before crunching into a piece and saying "Bon apetit" and hopping on a golf cart.

Bey also dubbed the makeup brand as "upscale and elegant," making her wish she was born in Paris, as her Texas accent comes out!

Watch Beyonce Behind-the-Scenes of L'Oreal Commercial

Watch Beyonce True Match L'Oreal Commercial