The possible meaning of Beyonce's 'Best Thing I Never Had' video reveals itself as the clip fades out. The stunning singer gets married on camera while singing a kiss off anthem about being happy about leaving (and surviving) a bad relationship. It seems illogical, right? Wrong.

Here's what happens.

The video unfolds in three stages: Pre-wedding rituals, the wedding itself and the reception. In the pre-wedding scenes, Beyonce is getting ready for her big day, wearing sexy yet innocent Victoria's Secret style white lingerie, with her hair in side buns a la Princess Leia. Her makeup is light, save for some shiny lip gloss, as she twirls a white flower. She looks incredibly radiant and ecstatic. Actually, she glows,  even though she sings an empowered song about ditching her scrub of a lover. For a fleeting moment, you are left to wonder why if she is going through with getting married or if the wedding is off and she's happy that she dodged that "bullet."

In the next sequence, Beyonce is a runaway bride in a full glamorous gown and veil, trotting down a hill. Then she is walking down the aisle. Her man liked it, so he did put a ring on it and she is a single lady no more. Friends and family are all smiles and then we cut to the reception, where Bey's buns have been replaced by long, flowy locks. Her husband removes the garter, kisses her thigh and then they dance the night away with their guests. It's happily ever after for the couple.

There's also some "footage" of a young Beyonce at her 1998 high school prom spliced in here and there, too.

While at first it might seem a little confusing, since the song's lyrics aren't conducive to marriage, we soon find out that this is the wedding she had with the man of her dreams whom she met after she got out of the bad relationship that was the best thing she never had.

Beyonce's having the last laugh and a life full of happiness now. Not to mention the fact that she is one of the most striking creatures on earth. No wonder she is celebrating the sorry loser with whom she split.  The video issues its own memo to boy who broke the Queen Bee's heart: It sucks to be you right now.

Watch the Beyonce 'Best Thing I Never Had' Video