After months of side images and obscured shots, we're pretty familiar with the back of Blue Ivy's head. We hadn't seen a full frontal shot since she was an infant and last summer, either. Beyonce's 'Life Is but a Dream' doc set to air tonight (Feb. 16) and of course, she lets us meet her daughter in the film, so a photo from that scene has leaked.

Finally! We get to see Blue.

Baby Blue was the subject of plenty of cruel and unnecessary Illuminati rumors. Heck, haters even suggested Beyonce was faking her pregnancy and using a surrogate. But that didn't bother Bey none. She chalked it up to an occupational hazzard and moved on. She just continued to be the queen that she is.

Despite all that drama, here she is, in all her Jayonce glory.

We have to say, the little princess looks exactly like her daddy, Jay-Z. We don't see too much of Bey in the adorbs little girl yet, but she's only 13 months old! Babies constantly morph and evolve, so we'll see a little more of Bey eventually.

We sorta think Blue's eyes look a tad like her auntie Kelly Rowland's, don't they? Don't even go there, though! We're not suggesting that K. Rowl is her real mother. It's just ironic that they look a tad similar even though they are not blood-related.

Even so, Baby Blue is just presh!

Tune in to Beyonce on 'Oprah's Next Chapter' at 8PM on OWN and to the 'Life Is but a Dream' doc at 9PM on HBO. Both air tonight.

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