Are Beyonce and Cara Delevingne collaborating on music together? The two posted almost identical photos in the studio, and the pics have fans totally losing it.

Here's the deal: On Saturday, Feb. 28, Beyonce shared a picture of her left hand covering a soundboard, flaunting a hot pink manicure and a ring with a bauble roughly the size of Manhattan. That same day, Cara Delevingne snapped a crazy-similar pic, Instagramming a snap of her own left hand on an almost identical soundboard. (Check out the pics below.)

While it's possible that the two were at separate studios and just so happened to Instagram suspiciously similar pics, we're gonna go ahead and assume that there might be a little somethin' going on here. While Cara is most well-known for her work as a model, the British beauty is also a singer and musician (remember her Chanel commercial with Pharrell)? And if she were to work in the studio with anyone, why not go straight for the big guns and hit up Beyonce? Because we're pretty sure that's exactly what we'd do. Go hard or go home! Right, ladies?

Sadly, we're gonna have to wait a little while to see if anything will, in fact, come out of their possible studio time together. But until then, we can at least bask in the idea of an epic collab between the two.

PopCrushers, do you think Beyonce and Cara Delevingne are working on new music together? What would you think about a Bey-Cara collaboration? Sound off in the comments!

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