Look if Lady Gaga can go country, why can't her 'Telephone' collaborator Beyonce do the same, at least for a photo shoot?

While Gaga turned in a countrified version of her dance anthem 'Born This Way,' Beyonce went all down home during her cover shoot for Essence, proving that country is the new black, whether in sound or in imaging.

In this video from the steamy Essence shoot, there are horses. Lots of horses. Horses for Beyonce to lay atop, while wearing brown suede shorts and a frilly white top, and to look sexy and sultry while perched upon their backs. There are also shots of the horses whinnying and being outfitted for horseshoes, which might seem a little disconnected from the pop world that Beyonce camps out in; but overall, the steeds are also accessories for the fashionable wife of Jay-Z.

Beyonce also raises temperatures and sets pulses racing when she wears a cowboy hat and up-to-there Daisy Dukes. Now that's more like it. She also lays in a big bale of hay, sports a pair of chaps and lies naked in a giant, silver galvanized tub nestled in lush, green grass. We're sure many of of the red-blooded males who see this clip might want to dive right in or join her for an outside bath.

Kudos to Beyonce for not being afraid to show her country side.

Watch the Video From the Essence Photo Shoot Starring Beyonce