You know Beyonce always seems so classy and humble even though she's one of the biggest stars ever on the planet? It's because she is.

There's a reason Queen Bey is the queen -- she treats everyone around her with respect and is super gracious all of the time. Fashion designer Rubin Singer recently revealed that Beyonce is his absolute favorite celeb to work with.

Singer dressed Bey for her Las Vegas New Year's Eve engagements, and he couldn't have been more impressed with her. He told Glamour that Bey and her sister, Solange, are "the only celebrities that always dry clean and send clothes back in a box, with a hand-written thank you note. They are true ladies."

"When you do a fitting with her, she doesn't keep you waiting half a day like some celebrities do," Singer added. "When she's there, she's present and honest and grateful." Love. That. Bey.

Not only does Beyonce respect designers' time, she also repays them for the time they spend working with her. "She and I have had a working relationship now for about five years," Singer said. "In that time, I've been invited to every concert she's had in New York, she's introduced me to people she thinks I should work with, she and her team are just incredibly generous people."

Sounds like she's setting a mighty fine example for Blue Ivy!

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