Before Beyonce was a solo superstar, mom-to-be and Mrs. Shawn Carter, she fronted the three-piece girl group Destiny's Child. The trio was at the top of its game in 2000 when their song 'Jumpin Jumpin' debuted, featuring a fresh lineup along with their trademark fierce attitudes. VH1 dug up some dirt on DC, Ferraris and why Farrah Franklin "got the boot."

Much of the video focuses on Farrah Franklin, who appeared in the 'Jumpin Jumpin' video -- but didn't sing on the original track (she does, however, contribute backing vocals to a remix). Franklin was fired two days after the video's release. The pop ups claim that Franklin learned of her firing via MTV News, but doesn't mention why she was let go and adds that "they could have told her to her face." Ouch!

A lot of the scoop seems like it could be the result of Franklin's sour grapes. Bubbles report what may have caused part of the rift: Franklin said family was too involved with Destiny's Child. Beyonce's father was their manager, Beyonce's mother was their stylist, Beyonce's cousin was their lawyer, another cousin was their road manager and yet another cousin was a personal assistant.

The video also notes that after Franklin's exit, Destiny's Child's album sales were "fallin', fallin'," but doesn't mention any of the 'Survivor' or solo successes that the remaining members (Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams) achieved.

The lineup and the camera work weren't the only shaky parts of 'Jumpin Jumpin.' The professional drivers in the video may not have been stable, either. They wrecked three Ferraris shooting the video!

Watch the Destiny's Child 'Jumpin Jumpin' 'Pop Up Video'