It's hard to blame anyone for being incredibly excited when put face-to-face with Beyonce, but at a recent show in London, one Sasha Fierce fan took her shaking excitement to the next level.

As Bey made her way through the crowd singing, she found a fan who was out of her mind thrilled to see her favorite singer right in front of her. By no fault of her own, Beyonce mistook the ecstatic fan for a talented singer, and put out the mic to let her lend a hand on the song -- which proved to be a major disaster.

All she had to do was provide an angelic "ooh" to close out the track, but instead, the fan gave the crowd ... Well, watch for yourself and tell us what that noise sounds like to you! Thanks to the FW for the video; we agree that the girl sounds a bit like a grizzly bear. At least Beyonce got a good laugh out of it!

Watch a Beyonce Fan 'Sing' in London