File this one under "someone had way too much time on his hands, and we're so glad he did."

Several of Beyonce's videos have been remade to great effect -- 'Single Ladies' alone has popped up on 'Glee' and inspired even Justin Timberlake to pull on a leotard for a re-enactment on 'Saturday Night Live.' But in a video homage to 'Countdown,' YouTube user KKPalmer1000 didn't just learn a few dance moves, he recreated the whole video, frame by frenetic frame.

Oh, and did we mention he rocks a Snuggie, too?

'Countdown' was shot during several stages of Bey's pregnancy and features a whole slew of costumes, dancers and sets. But when KKPalmer1000 -- we'll call him KK for short -- did his own version, he studied the original closely and mimicked just about everything, right down to Beyonce's baby bump.

We're not entirely sure where the inspiration for the Snuggie came from, but who cares? KK wears it with aplomb, proving that with the right moves, even something like a blanket with sleeves can look fierce. (We're just glad he skipped that other infomerical favorite, Pajama Jeans.)

KK is clearly a big Beyonce fan -- his YouTube channel also features a tribute to 'Love on Top' -- so here's hoping the superstar sees him and maybe offers him a gig as a backup dancer. He certainly knows the routines.

Watch 'Countdown' as Performed by Beyonce and KKPalmer1000