The diva we all know and love as Beyonce celebrated her 30th birthday on Sunday, Sept. 4. PopCrush paid our respects to the mom-to-be's big day with our 10 Things You Didn't Know About Beyonce list, while fans in Paris took things a step further by forming a flash mob and dancing their rumps off to 'Move Your Body' in celebration of the Queen B's landmark bday.

We think the Parisians are onto something: Beyonce's birthday should be an international holiday where we all stop what we are doing and dance for four minutes!

The flash mob formed at Les Jardins des Tuileries and the dancers/mobbers were of all ages, sexes, hair styles and creeds, but they were united in their casual uniforms of white t-shirts and jeans. They were shaking what the good lord gave 'em and we have to recognize the Beyonce Birthday Flash Mob organizers (Leslie Rouach, Matthieu Grenier and Adel Feich) for managing to assemble so many people and to have them rather well-choreographed. Flash mobbin' ain't easy, but most of the dancers kept pace here and it was fun to watch. It made us wish we were there, participating in all that fun.

Once again, happy birthday Beyonce. A flash mob is so much better than a Hallmark card, isn't it?

Watch Beyonce Birthday Flash Mob