Her recent comeback performances in Atlantic City showed that Beyonce is "strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business." Turns out, that includes the movie business! The 'Love On Top' singer will star in a new Fox animated feature called 'Epic.'

Deadline New York reports that Queen Bey stars as Queen Tara in the 3D adventure, which was developed under the name 'Leafmen.' In the flick, a teenage girl finds herself magically transported to a forest in a secret universe -- in the midst of a fierce battle between good and evil. She's forced to help the good guys in order to save the entire universe. That's a tall order for a teen gal!

Bey's also slated for Clint Eastwood's remake of 'A Star Is Born,' which was delayed while she went on maternity leave. Considering how gorgeous Blue Ivy is, we think it was worth the wait!

Beyonce isn't the only A-list name in the cast. Colin Farrell, Aerosmith frontman and 'American Idol' judge Steven Tyler, Pitbull, 'The Hunger Games' star Josh Hutcherson and more are among her costars. 'Epic' is slated for release on May 24, 2013.