Beyonce indulged her inner daredevil and her inner adrenaline junkie by freefall jumping in New Zealand!

The Queen Bey shared a pair of photos of her terrifying yet thrilling exploits in Auckland, which make us weak in the knees just looking at them.

It's reported that Bey took the freefall leap off the Sky Tower, which is located in Auckland. Quick, somebody cue to the Tom Petty song. You know it: "I'm freeeeeeeee! Freeeee faaaaaaallllliiiiiiiiin!"

Bey is currently on tour and performing shows in the country. She works hard, so she is playing just as hard. While you have to be seriously courageous to leap off a skyscraper, this is Bey we're talking about.

We already know that the she is fierce and fearless when it comes to her art. She proved that she is the same way when it comes to her recreational activities and her play time.

Can we just say that we love that Bey is smiling and posing while up on the riser? We'd be shaking and crying, and clinging to any man-made structure that we could find.