Our favorite (and frequent) cover girl Beyonce has racked up another magazine spread, this time in the November issue of fashion mag Harper's Bazaar. The new issue drops on Oct. 25 and features the pregnant, golden and shimmery diva shaking her thang on the cover.

Bey is dressed in a golden, skin-showing dress, with her mane of golden brown locks blowing behind her, almost like a halo of hair. She is titling her head, giving off an air of light, fresh fun. Baby B is going to have a glamorous album of pre-birth photos, that's for sure. Bey and hubby Jay-Z can show their little bundle of joy photos of all Bey's magazine spreads while the baby was in utero! This baby is famous from the get-go.

Even with a bun in the oven, Bey is as high fashion as ever in the spread. The inside photos feature the Queen B wrapped in a fur shrug; flipping her wild mane of hair in a see-through top and cardigan; and in fitted black leather. Her status as a mom-to-be is hardly hampering her role as a fashionista. In fact, it's enhancing it since she glows.

In the feature story, Bey talks about revealing that she was with child at the VMAs, saying,
"I didn't want a crazy picture or gossip story to break the news so I decided to say nothing and proudly show my baby bump. I felt it was more powerful to see the love and enthusiasm as opposed to saying anything." Mission accomplished, Bey.

She revealed that now was the right time for motherhood, since "It was important to me that I gave myself time to focus on becoming the woman I want to be, building my empire, my relationship, and my self-worth, before I became a mother." Smart choice, Bey!

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who is a mom of two, spoke about her closeness with the singer for this article. "Our best times have been when we are just sitting around in sweatpants, having a glass of wine, chatting about life," Paltrow said about her friend. "B is wise beyond her years. She has taught me the value of speaking your mind. She is clear and honest and true to herself while being respectful. She will be an incredible mother because she is so full of love and she knows who she is."

Beyonce is in control of her destiny and of what she wants, telling Harper's Bazaar that "I am finally at the stage in my life where I am not so concerned with other people's opinions about my life decisions. It is so liberating to really know what I want, what truly makes me happy, what I will not tolerate. I have learned that it is no one else's job to take care of me but me."

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