Behind every good 'Party,' there's a lot of planning and preparation. Beyonce and J. Cole gave a peek at how their trailer trash bash came to fruition.

Beyonce's shoot for 'Party' in a trailer park surprised even the residents. "They said there'd be a video shoot -- I didn't know it was Beyonce! I thought it was some newcomer," a local woman said. When a crew member told the woman that they don't like to tell, she motioned to the massive crowd that had gathered to watch. "I can see why!"

Queen B herself dug the video for a few reasons -- one being that it's a bit less work than she's used to. "I like this video!" she smiled. "No choreography, no pressure. All I have to do is party and have a good time. I'm seeing all these great characters," she said.

"The inspiration is trailer trash, ghetto fabulous," a stylist on set said. "It's everything! The shoes, the jewelry, the bling!"

One style tweak that Mrs. Jay-Z didn't necessarily approve of? A guy getting his hair straightened. "Wait -- they flat-ironed his hair? Why would they do that? Poor guy ... Poor guy. Why would they do that to him? Who told them to flat iron a man's hair?" It was all for the greater good of the video, though. "It's so wonderful when you have a vision that's coming to life," B said. "It's great."

One vision Beyonce brought to life was that of her own success, despite not being wealthy growing up. "Growing up I had really amazing parents and I had a great childhood," Beyonce said earnestly. "We went from nicer homes to apartments with our lights cutting off," she revealed. "It didn't matter where we were, because we had love, and we had so much fun. It's great when you don't have as much -- how you improvise and you have more fun."

Co-star J. Cole was mesmerized by B's video know-how. "We're in the middle of nowhere outside of Detroit," he said. "This is a moment for me in my life. What's funny is how much she actually knows about direction, directing and lighting -- we got some magical moments."

Even parties take work, though -- and work is even harder in extreme heat! "It's so hot!" Beyonce said. "It feels like summertime beyond," she laughed. "I don't know if this is cool! This is abusive and cruel and unusual punishment!"

Beyonce had a great time on set, and she's shown laughing and greeting cast and crew. "I'm bringing all different cultures, different lifestyles -- basically, not having that much but still fabulous, still having more fun. It's all about the people you're around, and good music and good food -- that's what makes a party."

When shooting wound down and she was watching the footage, Beyonce looked relaxed and reflective. "I look like I can't cook," she murmured, watching a shot of herself by a grill. "That's accurate." She summed it up best in one of the last frames: "We look like we had fun." That's what makes a party.

Watch the Beyonce 'Party' Behind-the-Scenes Video Feat. J. Cole