Beyonce continues to share pictures depicting her, Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy as a happy family despite continued chatter that the couple is headed for divorce.

On Beyonce's official site, the 32-year-old singer shares several photos of herself with family and friends at an indoor kart racing facility. In one photo, we see an adorable photo of Jay Z and daughter Blue Ivy holding hands as they marvel at the go-karts. We also see Beyonce looking ready as she is about to take off with Jay Z behind her in the next photo. And finally, in another picture, we see her looking sexy as she stands atop the number one spot on the racing podium.

Meanwhile, however, media outlets continue to insist that Beyonce and Jay Z will be headed for divorce once the On the Run Tour concludes next month. In the cover story of Us Weekly this week, one source claims that Beyonce is "done" and has a plan of action in place if/when the split happens. Beyonce was rumored to have been shopping for new apartments in New York City without her husband in July.

Speaking of the On the Run Tour, HBO has released a new trailer for the 'On the Run' special which will air on Sept. 20. The trailer begins with black and white footage of Beyonce in a jazz club seductively singing 'Bang Bang' while a Jay Z looks on. We then cut to quick electrifying shots of some of the spectacular stage moments from the show.

None of the concert footage from the trailer, however, will be used in the special: HBO plans on airing footage from their concerts in Paris, which will take place on Sept. 12 and 13.

Check out the trailer below for HBO's 'On the Run' special.