Here’s something we thought we’d never see. According to TMZ, it looks like Jay-Z and Beyonce, aka one of the most powerful couples in music, were just outbid by a Swedish video game programmer on a house — causing them to lose out on a $70 million mansion.

Markus Persson, the previous owner of the company Mojang (which is the creator of the insanely popular video game Minecraft), dropped a reported $70 million for the enormous dream home located in Beverly Hills. The best part? Markus allegedly paid in cash. 

Markus famously sold his company, Mojang, back in September for a reported $2.5 billion, so we’re sure that $70 million is pretty much a drop in the bucket for him. According to Curbed, the mansion has an incredible amount of amenities including (but not limited to): a candy room, vodka and tequila bars, eight bedrooms, a movie theater and even a "54-foot curved glass door that opens onto the pool.” Yeah, we’re definitely jealous.

The Verge goes on to report that the price of the mansion covers everything currently inside the house, which includes artwork, and that it’s currently the most anyone has ever paid for a house in the Beverly Hills area.

Beyonce and Jay-Z allegedly visited the house quite a few times and also made an offer, but were clearly bested by Markus’ deal.

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