It's good to be Blue Ivy. Why? Because the tot, who will be seven months old on Aug. 7, has parents who are making bank. Like serious cash. Her mom and dad, Beyonce and Jay-Z, have been named the World's Highest-Paid Celebrity Couple based on their earnings and box office receipts, so to speak!

Forbes ranked the couple based on their combined earnings from May 1, 2011 through May 1, 2012.

Bey and Jay clocked in as runners up on last year's list, so maybe it was baby Blue who pushed 'em over the hump into the top slot. They did nab a generous amount of publicity based on Bey's pregnancy, so you never know if their little angel was the catalyst.

While Bey toured less in order to birth Blue, she still raked in royalties from her pile of hit songs. She has a host of non-musical ventures in her portfolio too, like her House of Dereon clothing line and being a L'Oreal spokesmodel, which is a lucrative gig. All told, Bey grabbed about $40 million in income.

Her mogul of a hubby pulled in cash from his Watch the Throne project with Kanye West, which was supported by a tour. He also dips his toes in other revenue streams, like Translation, an ad firm, and Carol's Daughter, a line of health and beauty care items sold at Sephora. Overall, the Hova earned about $38 million.

Add that to Bey's tally and the Carters made about $78 million in that yearlong span.

They are followed by Gisele Bundchen and Tom Brady, aka the model and the quarterback, who counted $72 million in pennies. Third place went to Victoria and David Beckham, who earned a paltry (by comparison) $54 million from their sports, music, fragrance and fashion ventures.

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