Beyonce and John Mayer, talented as they are in their own rights, have both been #blessed to collaborate with the redheaded guitar god himself, Ed Sheeran. Which duet is your fave?

Beyonce and Ed Sheeran killed it for a solid nine minutes while performing at the recent Stevie Wonder tribute show. The two slayed their performance of "Master Blaster (Jammin')," with Beyonce producing some of the most stellar riffs we have ever heard in our lives, while Ed turned into a full-on reggae master on that guitar. #BeyEdce for life. Check out their epic performance in the video below.

We're gonna be honest here: We were literally losing our freaking minds when John Mayer joined Ed Sheeran on the 2015 Grammys stage to perform "Thinking Out Loud." While we thought that there was no humanly way for the weak-in-your-knees romantic tune to get any better than it already is, John Mayer opened his mouth, kicked ass on the guitar and we sobbed like babies. While he didn't have a solo himself (choosing instead to let Ed's vocals slay for the both of them), he sang backup and shredded on that hot pink guitar like there was no tomorrow. Check out their swoon-worthy performance in the video below.

Whose Ed Sheeran collab is your fave? Vote for Beyonce or John Mayer in the poll below!

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