They may be 'Independent Women,' but Kelly Rowland and Beyonce still depend on each other. The former Destiny's Child members are in constant contact and remain best friends.

"We speak and text all the time," Beyonce told Now. "With me being pregnant, she is always checking up on me to see how I am doing." Rowland has already expressed her excitement at Beyonce becoming a mom, so it's good to know she means it!

The time zones and their schedules may make communication difficult, but kudos to the ladies for pulling it off. When Rowland isn't in the U.K. for 'X Factor,' she's touring with Chris Brown and shooting supersexy videos. Beyonce is designing a maternity line, promoting her new fragrance, shilling for L'Oreal, launching a label and preparing to be a mom. Whew!

The girls share a special and unusual bond. Rowland moved in with Beyonce's family when she was eight years old at the formation of Destiny's Child. "We have known each other for so long, we are like sisters," Beyonce says. "She isn't just somebody I was in a group with, this girl is my family."