Even though Beyonce just released her video for her latest single 'Countdown,' she is already gearing up to release another video off of her '4' album. Queen Bey has dropped a teaser for her upcoming 'Love on Top' video, which is the same song the mommy-to-be performed at the 2011 MTV VMAs.

The video must have been filmed before Beyonce's baby bump started showing, since she is pictured wearing a black bodysuit (a la her 'Single Ladies' video) with a flat tummy. The video is set in a well-lit room that overlooks some sort of city skyline. From what we can see in this teaser, the 'Love on Top' video has an old-school feel with the simplicity of the concept, which is fitting for the throwback tune.

The songstress also wears a decked-out military cap, black sneakers and tights as she dances around a studio with her male backup singers. The routine, which involves a Charleston-esque move and some other classic footwork, is actually the same choreography she used during her 'Love on Top' performance at the VMAs -- however, this time around she ditched the background girls for a group of boys.

Stay tuned for the full 'Love on Top' video, which should be released some time in the coming weeks.

Watch the Beyonce 'Love on Top' Video Teaser