Unless you live under a rock, you've probably noticed many of your Facebook friends changing their profile picture to a pink equal sign on a red background in support of striking down the Defense of Marriage Act in the United States Supreme Court.

But it's not just average Joe's who are joining in on the fight, pop superstars like Beyonce and Madonna are throwing their weight behind the cause.

Beyonce took to Instagram to voice her support for marriage equality posting the following picture and message, "If you like it you should be able to put a ring on it. #wewillunite4marriageequality!"

Beyonce's hubby, Jay-Z is also a well-known proponent for gay marriage, telling CNN in May, "I’ve always thought it as something that was still holding the country back. What people do in their own homes is their business and you can choose to love whoever you love. That’s their business. It's no different than discriminating against blacks. It’s discrimination plain and simple."

Madonna, a long time supporter of equal rights, (did you see her tongue in cheek Boy Scouts outfit at the GLAAD Awards?) also posted a supportive message on her Instagram that read, "Marriage Equality! Let's Start A Revolution!"

fun. voiced their support for the cause on Twitter. The Grammy Award-winners

Sara Bareilles as she is a California native, which is the state that passed the controversial amendment, now being argued in the Supreme Court, that barred the recognition of same-sex marriage. The 'Love Song' artist posted:

You hear that Supreme Court justices? If you don't support marriage equality, you'll upset Beyonce. And none of us want to upset Queen B!


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