Beyonce and her father Mathew Knowles were notoriously tight-lipped about their professional management split, which took place in 2011. So we were sorta surprised when an article ran in The British Sun, with Papa Knowles detailing the breakdown of their professional and personal relationships. The feature claims that it was a painful process and that he has yet to meet his granddaughter Blue Ivy, and that Bey pushed her dad out of her life in favor of her husband, Jay-Z.

"This was not a normal ending of a business agreement,” Mathew Knowles allegedly told the paper. “This was a dad and a daughter and it was incredibly painful and it has some difficulties."

Now, Knowles has issued a statement saying that he never even spoke about his son-in-law and that he has met baby Blue and that he wants the publication to print a retraction … stat.

So either he is backpedaling to avoid further maddening the Queen Bey or the paper took some serious liberties with what it published.

Below is his statement on the matter:

"We did not initially respond to the claims made in the British Sun article released March 25, 2013 about Mathew Knowles because we believed that the inaccuracies published would be transparent to readers. However, the British Sun article is a prime example of libel and slander and irresponsible journalism, filled with lies, inaccuracies and misquotes. Many of the statements were completely untrue, without any substance whatsoever and were defaming, with malicious intent to attack Mathew Knowles and his family.

"Specifically, Mr. Knowles did not mention Jay-Z’s name in the interview at any point. He did Nnot state that any “bitter rift” exists between him and his daughter, Beyoncé or that he has been pushed or cut out of her life. He also never stated that he has not met his granddaughter Blue Ivy. When in fact, it has been well documented that he has met his granddaughter, a fact that was made clear on Beyoncé’s HBO documentary, seen around the world with him holding his granddaughter. A documentary that the British Sun reporter stated she watched, yet decided to report something that she knew was not true.

The British Sun and the reporter were notified in advance that Mathew would not discuss personal family topics or information. The reporter told Mathew that the interview was a feature on him, his career and what he is doing now. However, no information about his career was even included in the article released. As a result, the reporter and the British Sun misrepresented their intent, proceeded with a deceptive agenda, and created their own sensationalized story filled with blatant lies and manipulated quotes, in efforts to grab headlines and sell more copies of their newspaper without regard to how their slander can damage lives.

The publication of these fictitious statements have caused damage to Mr. Knowles’ personal and professional reputation as well as hurt his family. The office of Mathew Knowles has the complete, unedited recording of the interview and the full article that was supposed to be published, which discredits and proves the slanderous manipulation of lies and inaccurate quotes reported by the British Sun. This kind of irresponsible, malicious and misuse of journalism cannot be tolerated and we are requesting an immediate retraction by the British Sun or full legal action will proceed.

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