Beyonce is one of the most gifted and blessed pop divas working in music today and we're not just complimenting her mountain-moving voice. The drop-dead gorgeous singer can rock dangerously short minis or floor-sweeping ball gowns or a burlap sack and still turn heads. That's why her high fashion spread in Vogue Italia is so stunning that the shots are frame-worthy.

The limits can always be pushed when it comes to fashion editorial, but rather than "out there" or "larger than life" shots, Beyonce opts for classic in this spread. Her look in these tasteful black-and-white shots pays its respects to Old Hollywood glamour, where her killer, hourglass curves and bodacious silhouette are hugged by long, lace gown.

She is also draped in a luxe white fur, with her hair in big, brushed out waves. She's channeling goddesses of the '50s in these shots. Va-va-va-vooooom.

Whether she is rocking wild mind-of-their-own tight curls -- which she has been pumping lately during her spate of live shows -- or in this case, brushed out sleek locks, she always looks fab.

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