While Beyonce showed off her 'Naughty Girl' back in 2004, she was headed to altar to get married in 2011 for her stunning 'Best Thing I Never Had' video. The picturesque clip kicks off with a steamy shot of a barely dressed Beyonce showing some skin in white lingerie as she sings into the camera.

Later on, she gets beautified for her wedding, donning a gorgeous couture gown with a jeweled bodice and veil. We also get past glimpses of her lousy prom, an idea Beyonce came up with since she herself never got to go to prom. "I wanted to do something a little brighter and so I thought it could be interesting to reenact a prom," she said. "I remember that awkward stage ... The guy is kinda flirting with everybody else and you're kinda just sitting there shy and uncomfortable."