The 'Countdown' video shows Beyonce at several different stages of her pregnancy, and makes references to the art, fashion and dance styles of bygone eras, often mashing up several at the same time. For example, one of the outfits she wears -- cropped pants, a black turtleneck and exposed socks -- slyly winks at both Audry Hepburn and Michael Jackson.

Belgian choreographer Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker later point-blank accused Beyonce of stealing dance moves for the video from two of her pieces. Bey acknowledged that De Keersmaeker's work had "inspired" her, just as Hepburn, Jackson and others had.

Despite her initial accusation, De Keersmaeker seemed okay with Beyonce's explanation. And since she herself had been pregnant when she choreographed some of the moves seen in 'Countdown,' she added, "I can only wish [Beyonce] the same joy that my daughter brought me."